That time my drink got spiked at First Thursday

That time my drink got spiked at First Thursday

Have you ever woken up so confused that you have no idea what happened the previous night? Have you ever considered that your drink might have been spiked? You hear about these things, but don’t really consider it happening to you. Until it does.

This happened to me a few years ago after attending First Thursday in Cape Town. An event where you’re supposed to look at art, but normally end up drinking and misbehaving. My colleague convinced me to go along with her and I was all too excited to experience it for the second time around.

Realising something’s not quite right.

We were walking down the streets and saw the opening of a new restaurant/bar. They had complimentary drinks and we both had a glass on arrival. 

After a while, we went to the next place to have a coffee. I was already feeling beyond my limit, which was strange as I only had two drinks…

I woke up on a couch hearing the ocean in the background and a glass of water and pain killers next to me.

Unsure of what was going on, I realised that I was at my colleague’s place. It was around 4:30 in the morning and I found her to be awake as well. She told me to get ready as she will be dropping me off soon. 

Trying to make sense of things.

As she drove me home, she started telling me what had happened…

(First of all, the reason I was on her couch was because I apparently forgot where I lived.)

I am almost 100% sure that my drink was spiked as I cannot remember any of this.

Apparently, when we were at the restaurant drinking coffee, we started talking to these two guys. They ended up in our car as we offered to drop them off at their place. Side noteI was clearly wanting something that night, but my colleague made sure I remained in the car.

After dropping them off eventually, we ended up driving up and down Green Point trying to find my apartment. I supposedly went around ringing doorbells as I couldn’t remember where I lived.

Then the police arrived…

As this happened, we got pulled over by the police.

My colleague refused to get out of the car and the officer told us to meet him at the police station to continue the discussion. I got back into the car and sat quietly while we drove with the police vehicle following us.

When we arrived at the station I wanted to use the bathroom. During this time the police searched our vehicle as they were convinced we had some kind of drug on us. I somehow took my dress off in the bathroom and when I got back, it wasn’t sitting the way it was meant to – this wasn’t helping our situation either. Eventually though, we were free to go.

This was when she took me back to her place. (I don’t know how she got me up the stairs.) I feel so bad putting her through all of this, but I’m just so thankful that she was there to help me.

New day new me.

After hearing about the events of the previous night I eventually got home and took a nice long shower. I got dressed and walked to work sipping on a coffee I got on the way.

The lack of sleep and whatever else I still had in my system, made for a not so pleasant day at work.

In my fragile state, I just laughed at the evening. What a crazy night!? Luckily nothing too serious happened and we were safe and unharmed.

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