A successful one-night-stand that was truly liberating!

A successful one-night-stand that was truly liberating!

All of my life I have wondered how my friends or people, in general, are able to have one night stands. The concept of random sex with someone that you have just met seems bizarre and really unsafe.

I am also the person who feels that sex is more intimate when it is with someone that you love. Which is why I had never engaged in a one night stand.

That was until a few years ago when a bunch of friends and I went out to watch a show. We were having a good time and the drinks were flowing when I was introduced to a friend of one of my friends. He had recently become single and my friend vouched what a good guy he was and though I didn’t know him from a bar of soap I trusted my friend.

As the evening continued we seemed to hit it off and by the time that everyone was getting ready to leave we ended up going home together. It was strange, it felt like somehow I was liberated and didn’t need to worry too much about who I was or being someone else or even being myself. I could actually just be wild, care-free and uninhibited.

I remember that the sex was great, it was almost selfish in a way because I didn’t love this person, hell I didn’t even know this person. So I really only had to care about me and enjoy myself. It felt so incredible to just be in the moment and fully enjoy it without a single worry. Like will I be too loud? Will he think I’m too dominating? Shouldn’t I go and shower first and be fresh…

When the next morning came, I woke up and for a minute realised it wasn’t all a dream. I had had my first one night stand and it was great. Turning around I saw him lying next to me and he wasn’t really my type, not that there was something wrong with him at all. He was just unfamiliar.

In my usual self, I was reflecting on the entire evening when he opened his eyes and said morning with a shy smile on his face and that is when I realised I had forgotten his name! With my head going a mile a minute I was totally psyching myself out that he was going to ambush me with a question, like what is my name. All I can say is thank you Facebook (and my quick thinking) for remembering that he had been mentioned in the event we went to watch the night before.

When I left, I said goodbye and thanked him for a fun night and got in my car and left! I know that if I hadn’t had a little too much to drink that night I would never have gone through with it and though I don’t advocate drinking and hooking up I will admit that I am glad that I did it, even if just once. It was almost like a right of passage and I don’t think I’ve ever been able to walk away so unattached emotionally.

I did accidentally walk into him a few months later and my initial reaction was a bit of shock-horror as I think I was definitely more wild that night than what I am in general, but I am also happy to report that I still felt nothing. Almost like it didn’t even happen.

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