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From painful to pleasant with a period cup

From painful to pleasant with a period cup

A truly transformative experience that has changed the way I will look at my period going forward.

be happy photo from Canva

Habits to become a happier person

We all want to be happy. Let’s take a look at the habits and mindsets you can put in place to be a better you!

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A successful one-night-stand that was truly liberating!

I don’t advocate drinking and hooking up, but I must admit – I’m glad I did. I had a one-night-stand, and it was great!

spike drink First Thursday

That time my drink got spiked at First Thursday

You hear about drinks getting spiked, but don’t really consider it happening to you. Until it does.

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Eleven ways to stay sane when living on your own

We asked our friends how they stay mentally healthy living alone and compiled a list of the top 11 responses.

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Movies that will inspire you to go travel and find yourself

Check out our list of 9 movies that will inspire you to go travel and find yourself!

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That time I volunteered at a hostel in Cape Town via Workaway

Have you ever considered exchanging a few working hours a week for free accommodation? The next time you travel, give Workaway a try.

impostor syndrome Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

Why do I feel like a fraud? It’s called Impostor Syndrome.

Do you ever feel like a fraud? As if everyone’s going to find out your success is a fluke? That you’ve been faking it this whole time? You might be suffering from impostor syndrome.

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Pregnant during lockdown: A unique kind of birthing class

With Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown, midwives and birthing experts are hosting pre-natal classes via Zoom. I was in for a surprise…

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