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at peace from Canva

Eleven ways to stay sane when living on your own

We asked some of our friends how they stay mentally healthy living alone and compiled a list of the top 11 responses.

band guy Stock Snap Pixabay

I dated a jerk

We’ve all dated some pretty crappy guys and we’ve all done some pretty stupid things, but I believe this story takes the cake.

travel solo Etienne Boulanger from Unsplash

Lonely while travelling solo? Here’s what to do

Even the most seasoned traveller can get lonely travelling solo. When me, myself and I is not enough, here are some things you can do.

break up photo by canva

Realising that I never loved my husband

I don’t know what was worst. Admitting that I didn’t love him, or realising that I wasn’t being honest with myself.

in a slump Yuris Alhumaydy from Unsplash

7 Ways to get out of a slump

When life gets too much and you just want to hide under a blanket…try these tips to get out of that slump:).

pregnant Anastasiia Chepinska from Unsplash

Pregnant during lockdown: Nothing fits anymore

With the belly getting bigger and nothing fitting anymore, it was time to face the outside world and go shopping. But wait, the fitting rooms are closed?!

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